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​​Hi, I am Abhi.

An enthusiastic photographer who loves creating stuff. I started my artistic journey with sketching and over the time fell in love with cinematography and photography. Being a guy from the mountains, during my early days I loved clicking landscape and nature shots. My transition into a portfolio photographer began when I did a few portfolio shoots for some people around me, which were really admired and since then I've never looked back. 


For me creating pictures is as important as capturing them. I invite you to come and be a part of my journey, as I could capture your moments and hopefully be a part of yours.


Ruslaan Mumtaaz testimonial

Ruslaan Mumtaz

I had the opportunity to shoot with Abhishek at a very beautiful resort in Karjat. Even though it was our first shoot together he took all the effort to reach the location and we both really had a great shoot. I totally loved the pictures and he made the location look like it was a resort in Maldives. My shoot with Abhishek was one of my most fun shoots and also the pool side pictures are my favorite.

Hamdaan Pathan testimonial

Hamdaan Pathan

I met Abhishek during my first big project JEFF SEID CLASSIC international fitness modeling show which went a big success. After that a relationship of brotherhood we still connected & he is still clicking phenomenal pictures of me best part is he understand the requirements of his clients & which makes him different is his humbleness.

Neha Ranghlani- testimonial

Neha Ranghlani

I recently did my photoshoot with Abhishek and I must say, he is such a fantastic photographer interms of his work and also in terms of his patience. Not once did I see him cringe or tell me no for any shot that I wanted him to take even if it was overtime. Be made sure I was content with the shoot and then only he took a leave. He is very dedicated to his work and knows his work very well. I would recommend abhisek to any one who is looking to get themselves clicked well. Thank you Abhishek.

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